Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good News for 2010

Is that a sunrise we see? It IS!

In a recent interview, Steve Jagler, executive editor of Biz Times Milwaukee, lists more than ten concrete examples of growth in the Badger State. His message includes:

"The recovery has begun and will pick up steam in 2010. It won't come easily, and it won't come quickly, but we're seeing some very promising trends: In recent polls, 86 percent of readers say their company will either add jobs or at least maintain the status quo in 2010, and 76 percent say they are optimistic about how their company will do in 2010."

You can read the full article here

Global Impact on Prices

We often hear things about the global effect on steel prices. Is China buying? Selling? How about freight costs? What is the bottom-line result? At Dalco, we stay on top of prices and trends, both here and abroad. We don't get wrapped up in what 'might happen' or make any knee-jerk reactions. But it helps to know how global markets affect what we all pay for raw materials.

Here's a great example. It's a New York Times report about copper mining entitled "China Willing to Spend Big on Afghan Commerce." We're not reading anything political into it, and we deal in steel, not copper, but it demonstrates that current events can affect pricing and availability in the future. Take a look.