Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Americans Push for More Manufacturing Support

With the high number of jobs tied to manufacturing, it’s really no wonder that American’s maintain their belief in the need for a strong manufacturing base.

Proof can be found in the annual “Public Viewpoint on Manufacturing” survey from Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute. The survey studies public perceptions on a wide range of manufacturing topics.

Here are a few examples:

90 percent of respondents rated manufacturing as ‘important’ or ‘very important’ for their economic prosperity and America’s standard of living

84 percent either “strongly agree” or “agree” the US “should cultivate a more strategic approach to developing its manufacturing base.”

And 82% support further investment into the U.S. manufacturing industry.

There’s an excellent article summarizing the report in Modern Metals magazine. You can read it here.

Fabricating Classic Cars

Cass Nawrocki is kind of a classic character. His life has taken him from Communist Poland in the 60’s to Moose Lake, Minnesota, where today he hand-makes the frames of classic cars. He has built exact replica frames of Packard, Porsche, Ferrari and Mercedes models, each one from scratch, using equipment that he himself modified for metal fabricating and shaping.

His is a terrific story, and you can read it here in an article from the Moose Lake Star Gazette.

From Pipe Layer to Fabricator

Out of the need to change comes innovation and, sometimes, a whole new business. From New Berlin, Wisconsin, comes the story of how Underground Pipeline Inc. grew (and changed), and now also houses UPI Manufacturing, a fabricator of parts for the U S Government.

You’ll find their complete story in the most recent FF (Fabricating & Forming) Journal: