Monday, July 4, 2011

Check Out Our New Website

Change has become a constant here at Dalco Metals. New customers, new processes, and brand new, industry-leading new equipment.

We want you to tour our facilities for yourself. But, in the meantime, please take a tour of our newly remodeled website.

You’ll see new and improved services, an expanded list of products and a fresh focus on customer service. Not just ‘pretty pictures,’ but a better resource for your constantly changing needs.

Oh, and we’re serious about having you tour our facilities here in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin area. See the “Our Location” tab for details.

What Americans Know About Manufacturing

Recently, Delloitte and The Manufacturing Institute surveyed Americans to find out what they think of manufacturing. The results were surprising, and supportive.

Here are a few samples:

1. Do Americans continue to believe manufacturing is vitally important?

The survey showed that 78 percent of Americans believe that ‘American manufacturing is vitally important to our economic prosperity’ and 76 percent think it is also ’important to our standard of living,’

2. Do Americans think that we have the skills and resources to compete globally?

60 percent said “yes” because they believe we have an advantage in technology, R&D, and skilled workforce.

In Industrial Maintenance and Plant Operation, author Mike Collins comments on the terrific positives uncovered in the survey, but also problems, including ‘image’ (stemming from large corporation layoffs) and lack of consistent workforce development, especially in new technologies.

Check out his complete article, including more from the survey, here.

Job Shop Managers, the Next Generation

We won’t use the tired phrase “things are changing,” but Tim Heston’s recent Fabricator Magazine article, “Job Shop Managers, The Next Generation,” shows us how the skills and responsibilities of shop managers has shifted in a fairly short amount of time.

He writes that a mere two decades ago “many shops had one or two customers that made up the lion’s share of their work, and people trusted that work would always be there. These days it’s so different. A shop with one or two large customers may have steady work coming in the door, but for how long? Job shop managers know a diverse customer base helps build a stable business.”

Today, even small shops are setting up sales departments and developing comprehensive marketing programs to generate consistent new business. And that’s creating a new breed of manager.

You can read the full article here