Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wisconsin Manufacturing Gets an “A”

A new report from Ball State University gives Wisconsin an “A” for manufacturing!

Minnesota, Illinois & Iowa, you’ve done OK, too…but we’re tops!

The “Manufacturing and Logistics National Report," published this month by the University’s Center for Business & Economic Research, gave grades to all 50 states on criteria that can affect their economic success. Criteria included quality and availability of labor force, transportation infrastructure, access to innovation and overall cost of doing business. Not everything was rosy for the Badger State, but it is headed in the right direction!

You can get a free copy of the report here

How to Stop Rust

Q: How can we stop rust from breaking out on lighter gauge steel parts?”

This is a problem that even the most well-run fabricators run into, costing them valuable time and money. It seems like a basic problem with a simple fix (and, in many cases, it is), but sometimes rust and corrosion still find their way into your inventory.

In the latest issue of Product Finishing Magazine, they put this question to their panel of experts to get some specific prevention strategies.

Check out the complete article here

Business Lessons from the Navy SEALs

If you are, or will someday be in a position of leadership, you don’t want to pass this up. Admiral Eric Olson, Retired, offers his insight on “confidently handling an uncertain and fast-changing world” in MSCI’s Forward Magazine.

His advice is for leaders and, though based on training the skills and mindsets of the Navy SEALs, will easily apply to anybody in your company who has to direct others, make decisions or be accountable for a productive outcome.

Take a look at the steps that Admiral Olson lists, and see for yourself how each one can be adapted to the purposeful and productive workplace:

  • Know the purpose
  • Focus on the mission
  • Educate your team about the problem
  • Listen carefully
  • Stay calm
  • Follow your instincts.

Read Admiral Olson’s article in its entirety here

Admiral Eric Olson is a retired U.S. Navy Admiral who served as commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command from 2007 to 2011. At the time of his retirement, he was the longest-serving Navy SEAL on duty.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Laser Cutting Hitting BIG Numbers

One of the fast-growing segments in the industry is laser cutting. (More and more of our customers are demanding tighter, stretched and leveled steel.)

No surprise then that the overall market for laser cutting keeps growing. According to a new report from Dallas-based Markets and Markets, the laser cutting market (across all materials) hit 2.08 billion last year – and will top 3.7 billion by 2018 (just five years from now).

Read more about it here.

And, just a reminder, here at Dalco Metals, we’re equipped to meet your laser-ready steel needs:

New Manufacturing Skills in Focus

We’ve commented here about the ‘skills shortage’ facing manufacturers, always highlighting the solutions being taken on by schools and companies here in the Midwest.

Now here’s an excellent article from the Wausau Herald on the steps being taken at Wisconsin companies and Tech Schools to very literally create a new generation of skilled workers.

And check out the terrific video, too