Monday, September 24, 2012

Circle this date on your calendar: Friday, October 5th.

10/5/12 is “Manufacturing Day,” and it is NOT just a ceremonial designation.

A large group of manufacturers and associations around the country have banded together to ‘rally the manufacturing community.’

Their two key goals:
-demonstrate to the public manufacturing’s critical importance to a strong and thriving economy, and
-to show off the many rewarding, lucrative and often overlooked career opportunities manufacturing has to offer.

You can read all about Manufacturing Day by clicking here.

And click here to find out what's happening and who's participating closer to home

A Mix of Optimism and Pessimism

A new survey of over 900 manufacturers and distributors is showing the conflicting rrealities of the current business climate.

The Optimism: 83% are feeling positive about their own business and the direction they’re headed. (However, only 39% feel they are ‘thriving.’).

The Pessimism: growing doubts about the economy, both domestic and global, and potential business tax increases.

But the real upside is that these ‘realities’ are pushing more companies to be leaner and more efficient.

You can read a complete article on the report (from here.

*survey conducted by Chicago-based assurance, tax and consulting firm, McGladrey LLP.

Like Something from Outer Space

Every so often we present an off-beat story related to our industry. This one just might beat them all!

A Sacramento-based welder and sheet metal fabricator built it just to walk around at Burning Man in Black Rock Playa. (Burning Man is another story altogether!) It’s not from some movie set, and wasn’t built to be in one, either (tho it might just start getting offers).

His ‘mutant beast’ walking pod was built entirely of surplus materials, using his welding skills and CNC plasma table. It’s an example of what good metal forming skills (and a sky-high imagination) can create!

Click here to read all about it!

....and, just in case you’re curious, and just have to know more, here’s what “Burning Man” is all about. (This is in no way an endorsement)