Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dalco Featured in Modern Metals Magazine

We’re proud that Modern Metals Magazine has featured us again, this time for our latest addition: The Dalco Metals Stretcher Leveler.

Roller leveling is a good choice for most applications, but for manufacturers cutting with laser machines, it’s a different story. They need material that is stress free and remains flat when cut. Although roller levelers will supply an extremely flat product in most applications, they don’t eliminate the trapped internal stresses entirely. This can cause problems, especially when a laser system is running “lights out "over the weekend or at night when nobody is around.

Enter the Dalco Metals Stretcher Leveler.

"Another word for stress free is memory-free," the article quotes our President, Bill Ring. "We receive material in a master coil. It’s a circle, and we’re trying to turn it into a straight line, or taking away that coil memory." The control system on Dalco’s leveler allows the company to ensure that material is memory-free when it leaves the facility, and there’s no guesswork involved.

Call us! We can’t wait for you to see it in action. And you can see the complete Modern Metals article, “Consistent, Reliable Processing” here

What's Driving Steel Prices???

These days, we’re all facing rapid fluctuations in steel prices. But price changes are one thing. How they affect the supplier – customer relationship is another.

Because nobody has a crystal ball to accurately predict the future, we thought you’d like to hear a no-nonsense explanation from Glenn Kidd, long-time industry expert, who spoke at Fabricator Magazine’s Leadership Summit, “Metal Matters” last month. He explained how the growing demand for both steel and scrap, combined with global demands has created “an extremely volatile” market.

You can hear a brief interview with Mr. Kidd here

Here at Dalco Metals, we constantly strive to give you the best value, and that’s one thing you can always count on.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is a Major Recovery Indicator

In economic growth cycles, hiring usually lags behind. Growth in activity and income are needed to support new jobs. And right now, especially in Wisconsin, manufacturers are hiring. A Journal Sentinel article put it this way:

Wisconsin's status as the leading manufacturing state in the nation, as measured by the proportion of its workforce engaged in manufacturing, has translated into a faster job recovery for that portion of the economy here.

"Our manufacturing sector got hit pretty hard during this recession," said Scott Brave, senior business economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. "The interesting thing is it has also come back much more strongly as well."

You can read the full article here.