Monday, April 8, 2013

Wisconsin Leads the Way

Area Development magazine is considered the leading executive magazine covering corporate site selection, relocation and facility planning. Editorial coverage provides valuable information pertinent to the factors, key issues, and criteria that affect a successful decision. Published bi-monthly and has more than 45,000 executive subscribers. ….examining the planning of economic development at the federal, state, locally and globally.

The April issue takes an interesting look at manufacturing in the 50 states, and features a graphic look at manufacturing trends. Fo example, the top ten states leading the US Manufacturing resurgence are: 1: Indiana 16.7% 2: Wisconsin 16.3% 3: Iowa 14.5% 4: Arkansas 13.3% 5: Michigan 13.2% 6: Alabama 13.1% 6T: Ohio 12.7% 8: Mississippi 12.5% 9: Kansas 12.3% 10: South Carolina 12.0%

They go on to say: "Manufacturing is the backbone of America. It’s in our blood. Americans know how to build — it’s how we forged a nation, won two world wars, put men on the moon, and shaped the “new economy.” American workers are among the most productive in the world. With new advances in technology, lean manufacturing techniques, and best practices, American manufacturing is becoming cost-competitive with offshore locations, resulting in more companies bringing their operations back to the United States (or near-shoring to Mexico)."

See more of the graphics and read the full article here

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