Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Productivity is up. Profits are, too. And the trend should continue in 2011.

In this weeks BizTimes Milwaukee, Eric Decker has researched and compiled a stream of positive data for Southeast Wisconsin, the State, and the nation. Several high profile surveys of manufacturing leaders show a very strong expectation of revenue and profits growth this year. And beyond the numbers, other factors here, and nationwide, point to consistent growth. “While 2010 has been a year of recovery in manufacturing, our forecast sees improvements in both investment and employment in 2011,” said Robert Ore, chair of the ISM Manufacturing Business Survey Committee.

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You’ve read the reports: Ford Motor Company is alive and well, despite not receiving government aid. And, while the automotive industry is still a ways from being back on solid ground, there are lessons to be learned from the dramatic transformation they’ve been striving to make from bloated bureaucracy to a leaner, meaner customer-focused enterprise. Two of the keys, says CEO Alan Mulally, included simplification and communication. Trimming brands and encouraging innovation at all levels simplified the formerly cumbersome process. And communication, at all levels, especially managerial, has helped Ford respond faster to short-term issues while maintaining focus on the future.

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