Sunday, September 5, 2010


News of the state of the nation getting you down? Well, there are some amazing things happening in our country and, while not all rooted in manufacturing, they shine a beacon on the men and women, the opportunity and drive that are helping…no, MAKING us succeed.

M. Robert Weidner III, Publisher of Forward, the magazine of the Metal Service Center Institute, spells it all out in his article “The Case for Optimism.”

You can read the complete article here.


The Institute for Supply Management is reporting manufacturing in the U.S. grew for the 13th consecutive month in August, while the overall U.S. economy has grown for 16 consecutive months. We know that this doesn’t mean the recovery is a sure thing, or that potential down months aren’t ahead. We’ve also got long way to go to reach pre-recession levels. But it does indicate we’ve risen off the bottom and, through innovation and drive, manufacturing is leading the way.

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